“Got Questions About Hiring A Bin From BML Mobile Bins?”

With a commitment to you and delivering a positive service experience, below are some of the frequently asked questions to help fill you in about hiring one or multiple bins from BML Mobile Bins

In addition, if the question you have is not answered here, please contact us by phoning 1300 421 700 or completing the online enquiry form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does hiring one of our bins work?

  1. You order your trailer skip bin by phone or online here
  2. We deliver your bin
  3. You fill your bin or ask us to fill it for you
  4. We pick up your bin, tow it away and dispose of your rubbish
  5. You’re done!

Q. How full can I load my bin?
A. The bins can only be filled so the lid closes and secures properly.

Q. Can you fill my bin for me?
A. YES. We have a fill for you skip bin filling service where you can show us what you would like us to throw out for you and we will fill your bin, tow it away, and dispose of your rubbish for you for an additional fee.

Q. How long can I have my trailer skip bin for?
A. The general hire period is two days for a cost of $270 + GST.

Q. Can I nominate a specific time and day for delivery and pick up of my bin?
A. YES. In fact, we prefer it.

Q. Do I need council approval to have my mobile trailer skip bin delivered to my business, school, home or other venue?
A. For short periods of time and in 99% of cases, NO – However, if you were to deliver one in a main street of a city, for example, it would be best to check with your local authorities first.

Q. What sizes do BML Mobile Bins trailer skip bins come in?
A. Our most common size is our 4 cubic metre (m³) trailer bin. They have a fill area of 1m x 1m x 1m = 1m³. However, we are always looking for new sized bins that can be towed with a car, so for the latest sized bins and options please call us on 1300 421 700 or complete the online enquiry form.

Q. Is any of my rubbish recycled?
A. YES. We encourage recycling at every opportunity and we’ll take care of this for you.

Q. What rubbish and items can I put in my bin?
A. You can put a lot of different rubbish in your bin, except paints and battery acid, chemicals or poisons, radioactive waste, and explosive liquids or materials. You can also put e-waste, mattresses and tyres in your mobile trailer skip bin for a small additional fee.

Q. What happens once you have collected my bin?
A. We’ll come, tow your bin away and take your rubbish to a designated waste facility management centre and dispose of your rubbish effectively, professionally and in an environmentally friendly way.

Q. Can your mobile trailer skip bins and services be used for personal and business use?
A. YES. Our bins are used by homeowners, construction, retail and commercial business, renovation services, schools, childcare centres, event and festival organisers, and many other people and business.

Q. Do I get to keep the bin?
A. No. You organise the bin, fill it (or we fill it for you), and we come and take away the bin full of your rubbish, disposing of it at one of our designated waste management facilities.

Q. Do you provide mobile trailer skip bins to people and businesses all over Australia?
A. YES. We serve all capital cities, states and suburbs throughout Australia, so please contact us today for more information or to book your bin.

Save time, energy and money and clear the clutter and rubbish from your home or businesses today!

For more information about booking a bin from BML Mobile Bins for your home, business, event or other need, please book your trailer bin using our online enquiry form here or please call us on 1300 421 700 for a quote.